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convention update

Just finished up a weekend at Arisia (sorry I didn't re-mention it before hand... you know how things are sometimes...). Sales were decent, considering I did go mostly for exposure--I am glad to know that I sold any at all! Made a few more connections for promotional purposes (!!!), and some costuming connections...more, more more to come...

A reminder that if you are in the Salem, MA area on January 23rd, I will be signing books at Cornerstone Books (45 Lafayette Street, Salem) from 1pm-2:30! Please be there if you can make it. This is for "The Labyrinth of Empty" (sequel to "The Inter-Twinning"). It feels a little strange to me to do a release/signing on a book that seems "old" to me. I guess I feel this way because I just released "By Blood, By Moon" and it seems like I should be doing it for That one! Ah well...its day too will come!

A truly thankful ending to the mercury retrograde on Friday!!! I have jumped into my costume construction for the Wicked Renaissance Faire (I will be vending there!!!! Come and find me!!! Somerset, NJ, Feb. 19-21). I will be doing an Italian Renaissance courtesan costume (just finished constructing a pair of chopines--OOOO, I'm good!!! yes, I will take photos eventually), and I will be doing an "Alice in Wonderland" themed costume as well--"Carousel of Dreams". I won't bother to try to describe that--I will just try to be good and post photos at some point. I do hope someone will be at this con to take pictures for me...I am so lousy at that! I also cheated and started working on my Steampunk 2010 costume for this year's San Diego Comic Con--"Caravanserai". Mostly because I "borrowed" some bits from it for a Clockwork Doll costume that is being collaborated with Brute Force Studio's Thomas Willeford. I must say, his prototype and my "throw together" looked smashing! (God bless already-owned pieces that can be converted!) I've been scouring flickr for photos, but haven't found any yet...I know they will be there somewhere...

As promised, I do still plan to get (more) to work on book 3 in the Twins series. Likely by March or April and definitely into the hands of all by May. I have been jotting down things for yet another new genre--a Steampunk oriented mystery-ish rag. I keep having dreams about dear Mathew Horne as a Victorian Science Professor, and myself as an amnesiac Doctor of Medicine with an intriguing past: turns out I'm highly immune to many poisons. Huh. Who knew? I'll keep whittling away at that one--even I am interested to see what will happen to this duo!
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